The PRO ElecDT® 2000 WITH VasoPulse®2000
A New Age in Electromedicine

Possess the most advanced tool in the field of electromedicine, the PRO ElecDT® 2000. Quite simply, the ultimate in electromedical systems. How did we accomplish such a feat? We began by conferring with people whose engineering and application opinions matter the most. Yours. From years of research and development, we have captured the best the science of electromedicine can offer; combining all known forms of electromedical therapy into one device. Not satisfied there, we developed our own breakthrough therapy form, the revolutionary HORIZONTAL therapy, so that the PRO ElecDT® 2000 would truly represent the cutting edge of bioelectric medicine.

German engineering pervades technological innovation to provide the most functional design possible. With Programmed Ready Operation, you have the power to choose from 80 pre-programmed protocols or to develop up to 20 customized protocols based on your patients specific needs. Easy to learn, easy to use, the PRO ElecDT® 2000's user-friendly configuration makes complex, lengthy training a thing of the past. With the PRO ElecDT® 2000, your existing staff can master application with ease.

We even raised the notions of quality and reliability to levels that delight, and even surprise, current Hako-Med owners. We are so sure of it that we offer a 3 year limited warranty on the mainframe device, the longest in the industry. Backed by a world class system of customer service and support, you can feel confident that we will be there when you need us. Contact your local Hako-Med representative or call us at 1 888 913-7900 and discover for yourself the difference a PRO ElecDT® 2000 can make to your practice.


To stimulate peripheral nerves for the purpose of providing pain relief and to stimulate
motor nerves for the purpose of providing muscle re-education
Chronic pain conditions
Adjunctive treatment of post-traumatic pain syndromes
Management and symptomatic relief of chronic (long-term) pain
Adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical pain problems;
Relaxation of muscles spasms 
Prevention or retardation of tissue atrophy
Muscle re-education
Increasing local blood circulation
Immediate post surgical stimulation of the calf muscles to prevent phlebothrombosis
Maintaining and increasing range of motion


Non-invasive, non-toxic, safe and effective.
Minimal side effects, easily avoided. 
High patient compliance and satisfaction.
Easily administered by existing staff


The PRO ElecDT® 2000 system utilizes the internationally patented HORIZONTAL therapy in addition to being capable of administered and / or automatically alternating between all other known electroceutical parameters for topical and endogenous treatment. Programmed ready operation allows the physician the choice of 200 pre-programmed protocols or the ability to develop customized protocols based on specific patient parameters.


Bioelectric treatment utilizes several existing CPT codes and produces superior reimbursement revenue generation for the practice. Actual reimbursement varies according to billing specialty and regional reimbursement averages.


Indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions