Questions and Answers

The following are some frequently asked questions regarding electromedical treatment. Patients should note that there are noticeable differences between home-based and clinical electromedical products. These differences can have an effect on the level of efficacy obtained. Hako-Med systems in particular can only be purchased and prescribed by a licensed physician. Please consult your physician if you are interested in experiencing an electromedical treatment.

Q: I notice my skin is reddened under where the electrode was placed. Is this dangerous?

A: No. With proper dosage, there is occasionally a reactive hyperemia (increased blood flow to the area). This will disappear in a short time. If you experience a burning sensation, consult with your physician.

Q: My Hako-Med electromedical treatment was combined with the VasoPulse vasopneumatic device. I felt like I was getting an additional massage, but it left some red rings on my skin under the vacuum electrodes. Is the suction harmful?

A: No. With some skin types, a suction induced redness might be produced but this is temporary and will disappear shortly. The redness indicates an increase of blood flow to the area. Not only does this vacuum massage sensation feel good, but it produces a rapid increase in blood circulation under the electrode area. This enhances the ability of the treatment to enter the body.

Q: How many treatments are necessary for good results?

A: Electromedical treatment regimens are like drug treatment regimens - normally requiring 8-15 treatments (depending on the individual and the medical condition). Typically, the physician will ask you to receive treatment daily for the first 3-5 treatments, then 3 times per week for the next 2 or 3 weeks. Treatment time varies from 30 to 60 minutes.

Q: Hako-Med electromedical treatments relieved my chronic migraine pain in 3 treatments, yet my doctor wants me to get 10-15 total treatments. Is this really necessary?

A: Prescribed regimens are usually based on research documentation and published medical reports. These documents recommend what is necessary for long-lasting results. It should be discussed with your doctor, but a complete electromedical regimen increases chances for an optimal result.

Q: I don’t seem to be getting any long-lasting pain relief after 5 treatments, should I continue treatment?

A: This may be a sign that a change in treatment protocol is needed. Remember that electromedical treatment success is not guaranteed. Approximately 25% of patients may claim they received little or no long-lasting results. For this reason, other treatment options should be explored. It should be considered that treatment success can sometimes be much more subtle than other therapeutic methods.

Q: Are there any side effects from the Hako-Med electromedical treatment?

A: Typically there are minimal to no side effects. Depending on the individual patient and their medical condition, some side effects might include: relaxed or fatigued sensation with a desire to sleep, increased energy with difficulty falling asleep, occasional mild headache, increased bowel or bladder activity, and pain having moved to a new location. Most of these side effects have to do with changes (improvement) in blood circulation. Always advise your doctor of any changes or abnormalities you experience from electromedical treatment.