Caution when Buying Used Equipment


Please consider the following information when buying used Hako-Med devices from third parties

Undoubtedly, there are great bargains to be found in the used market. However, we have received a multitude of calls from doctors who were unhappy with their purchase of used Hako-Med equipment from a third party.

In many cases Hako-Med is unable to assist in those situations.
Due to liability and other issues Hako-med may not be able to support undocumented third party used equipment.

Hako-Med does not sell parts.

Hako-Med may not repair out of warranty used equipment.

Hako-Med does not train non-registered users.

In many cases when Hako-Med is able to assist with a repair or re-warranty of a used device, the total cost to the customer may exceed that of a certified used or demonstration model.

Amongst other things we have seen the following problems:

Equipment exposed to water (e.g. during Hurricanes or from other water damage).

Equipment that was not Hako-Med equipment advertised as Hako-Med equipment.

Obsolete equipment.

Stolen Equipment.

Equipment beyond repair.

Continued support from Hako-Med and a full warranty may outweigh the perceived short-term savings from buying used equipment from a third party.

Hako-Med also offers demonstration-models for sale with a full warranty from time to time.

Please consider this information carefully and know that no amount of screaming or begging or whining at Hako-Med will make us change our policy.